Support for East Ramapo Oversight Surges; Your Help Needed Now!

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:

1. Monitor Bill- Your Action Needed!
2. Election Results
3. Fundraiser for Tender Steps – June 6
4. NYCLU Honors East Ramapo Activists – June 9

1) Monitor Bill- Your Action Needed!

Since the last time I wrote, there have been many new supporters of the new law to provide oversight for East Ramapo.

Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry, chair of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Caucus
Assembly Member Kimberly Jean-Pierre
Assemblyman Charles Barron
The New York Civil Liberties Union
The Rockland County Legislature
Diane Ravitch
Pearl River, Nyack, Ramapo Central and South Orangetown school boards
Nyack Schools Superintendent James Montesano
Nyack Mayor Jen Laird-White

What you can do to help:

Call Speaker Carl Heastie and say: “I support Assembly Bill 5355 for oversight of the East Ramapo school district. Please bring it to the floor for a vote immediately”.

Call Senate Education Committee Chair Carl Marcellino and say, “The children of East Ramapo need your help. Please support Senate Bill S. 3821 and get it through the Education Committee immediately.”

2)  Election Results:

From FaceBook:

Andrew Mandel: ABSOLUTELY VALIANT EFFORT — School board results are in, and sadly two incumbents and their hand-picked “running mate” have won. East Ramapo policies will once again be decided by the religious private school community. A huge ovation to Sabrina Charles-Pierre, Natashia Esperanza Morales and Steven White for stepping forward and representing the children attending district schools. With the incredibly huge turnout (highest in Rockland/Westchester/Putnam, 10x that of Nyack or Nanuet, twice that of Clarkstown), no one can say that the district was not mobilized. The special interests are just too powerful, which only affirms the need for oversight in order to protect the actual users of the public system. Albany, I hope you are watching.
2015 results

Sabrina Charles Pierre: First off, I would like to say thank you to all those who have supported since day one, to all who joined half way and to all those who will continue to walk with us to the finish line.

Let us look on the bright side, even though we did not make it to the board, I must say we are all winners. As we were all shy 2,000+ votes, we must remember that majority of our student body are students with parents who are unable to vote, which would have reached beyond in numbers on top of the amount of votes received. We are winners because for once I can say our community came together to allow their voices to be heard as this has become not only known nationwide, but also internationally.

Let us not look at the negative aspects of the situation as a downfall, but more so as a way to come up with a solution to equalize the justification that our children and our community needs. We didn’t make it this far to stop.
Let this be a sense of motivation to strive and fight harder for what is right. We must not back down and allow the kids to know that we are still with them and shall continue to stand behind them.

No one said this would be easy. Change is not going to happen over night. Our sense of UNITY in our commUNITY has been challenge. How bad we want it can only be determined by how far we decide to go from here. Time heal all wounds. We must recover, but not stay sleep. We as a commUNITY have so much more to offer if not so divided. What will it take? How much more damage will we allow?

Let us not feel sorry. Let us walk with our heads held high. Lets be positive and come together. I will only consider us losers if we fall apart from here. We’ve come to far. Grab the rope and hold on tight for there is work to be done. 


3) Fundraiser for Tender Steps

Tender Steps Of NY, Inc. wants to make a difference in an underserved demographic within East Ramapo district. We seek to be the bridge to better communication within the Latino community and enrich the quality of their lives.

With over three years of research and budget cuts, we have seen this community suffer and want nothing more than to aid. Lead personnel of TSONY, Inc. come from humble backgrounds and making difference is at the core of our purpose. We have found issues like language barriers, domestic abuse, lack of education, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and illegal residency to be some of the big issues we seek to improve. We have partnered with EPIC (Every Person Influences Children), Early Childhood Center and will be launching many helpful programs to begin making a difference.

We want people to know we are a trusted resource making a difference. It is so important for us to gain the confidence of our community.

The event takes place at The Chalet at Spook Rock Golf Course on June 6th from 12pm to 4pm.  We will be serving a buffet style lunch and live blues and soul music. 

Tickets can be purchased at>


Evelyn Bautista-Miller, LMSW, SDA
Founder and Executive Director of Tender Steps of New York, Inc.

4) NYCLU Honors East Ramapo Activists

Lower Hudson Valley Chapter Annual Dinner 2015

Please Join Us As We Honor: Arlene Popkin, Oscar Cohen, Willie Trotman & Steve White

Keynote Speaker: Norman Siegel, Civil Rights Attorney and Former NYCLU Executive Director

The Riverview
One Warburton Avenue
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York 10706

June 9, 2015
Reception 6:00 pm
Dinner 7:00 pm