ERCSB School Board Demotes Superintendent!

Hi All,

The East Ramapo School Board led by Aron Wieder demoted Dr. Ira E. Oustatcher Superintendent of Schools. Dr. O has been made the Director of Special Student Services at a salary of $252,000, while Dr. Joel Klein was given a raise from $144,000 to $242,000 to be the interim. Basically the two administrators switched places.

So we are going to layoff of teachers and give an administrator a $98,000 raise. This lunacy during these difficult financial times!


Watch for yourself:

View this video at at


Please pass this along to all your contacts.


Antonio Luciano

2011 Candidate for ERCSD School Board

Last Minute Change: Board Plans to VOTE on BUDGET TONIGHT!

OK…in true East Ramapo form, the Board put up the agenda only this morning and we confirmed that there was no public speaking. At 2:30 the agenda was ‘revised’ to include public speaking. They are also calling for the Board to adopt the budget tonight. According to the budget outline, the Board was to adopt the budget on 4/6/11.

Why would the Board be doing things this way? Well, to confuse the public and provide the least amount of notice to hear from the public. The last time there was public speaking was 3/16/11 and there have been proposed changes to the budget. We have not been afforded the time to speak about those changes yet….and what impact will the resoration of fund from Gov. Cuomo have on the buget?
What is the hurry? Maybe it has to do with the Board having to make a decsion about what Dr. O’s future is with the District….that has to be addressed by 3/31/11. Take a look at the AGENDA for 3/31/11…it looks rather ominous.

Peggy Hatton
Candidate for ERCSD School Board

AGENDA for 3/30/11 (TONIGHT!!!)


This week has seen a lot of action!  Learn all about it at our new web page:

However, we will not get the result that we want on May 17 if each of you does not get active starting today!  What can you do?  Here are the answers:

Contact Michael Miller at and volunteer to be a captain in your area.  All that means is that you will keep track of the volunteers in your area and remind them to finish their work on time.

Contact Sandi Fox at and volunteer to host a House Party to introduce the candidates to voters in your community.  These are really fun!


Another very important thing you need to do is to organize any community groups that you belong to. Especially those of you who are active in your churches or synagogues.  Every congregation should be hearing the date of the vote, the places they should vote, information on how to vote, and why this vote is so important.


Every single voter should get a phone call asking if they need a ride to the polls.  This is of the utmost importance if we are to win on May 17th.


Again, I want to thank all of you who have gotten us this far.  There are certain to be obstacles and setbacks between now and election day; do not be discouraged!  Our community is robust enough to handle this.


Remember, we are a service organization assisting the community members to advocate on each others behalf in a united fashion.  This campaign does not begin or end with us, it is not about us; the community we serve will always surprise with its resiliency!




An exciting week

The past week has seen a number of exciting developments! Music students came to the school board meeting to advocate on behalf of music in the schools. The stakeholders made a presentation at the community forum featuring Judith Johnson, retired superintendent of the Peekskill school system. We held a rally and volunteer coordination event at our first get out the vote door to door canvassing. There have been dozens of people signing up for the e-mail list and for this web log. There seems to be a glitch with the ” phone tree” functionality. Please be patient, we will inform you when it is fixed. Onward to May 17!

East Ramapo Stakeholders at Community Forum Tonight

Once a year the district holds a community forum where groups such as the PTA, staff members, and community groups such as the Stakeholders can present their views. This year the forum will be at the Study Session on Wednesday March 23. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM at 105 S. Madison Ave, in Spring Valley.