Direct Payments to Religious Organizations

Power of Ten has obtained list the 2018-19 expenses via the Freedom of Information Act. We have compiled a list of over $33 million in expenses that appear to be paid to religious organizations. The list may not be complete, and it’s beyond our ability to determine all of the purposes these expenses may be for. The NYS Comptroller’s office has found some irregularities in record keeping for transportation expenses, it’s not known if they are monitoring the many other expenses.

Vendor  Amount 
Community Outreach Center  $14,638,383.82
Yeshivath Viznitz D’khal Torath Chaim In $2,284,735.35
United Talmudical Academy $1,602,478.07
Congregation Yeshiva Avir Yakov $1,275,266.73
Bnos Esther Papa $959,566.17
Congregation Beth Rochel $954,761.75
Community Improvement Council  (New Square)  $704,238.75
Congregation Talmud Torah D’chasidei Bobov Of Monsey $635,238.45
Congregation Bais Malka $574,590.24
Central Uta Of Monsey $501,833.54
Congregation Beth David Dba Yeshiva Beth David $500,382.37
Bnos Derech Yisroel Of Monsey $412,980.68
Bais Trany Of Monsey $406,087.00
Congregation Machzikei Hadas Of Belz $367,433.28
Yeshiva Of Spring Valley    $355,504.50
Cong Noiam Mgodim $319,302.15
Yeshiva Sanz-Klausenberg Mosdos Sanz-Klausenberg Of M $313,039.86
Otzar Haseforim Of Monsey  $271,288.98
Congregation Koifer Nefesh Dba Congregation Toras Ema $226,969.60
Central Uta Of Monsey    $222,489.00
Cong. Bais Chinuch Ateres Bnos Inc. $220,793.16
Kiryas Joel Union Free School District    $214,995.06
Congregation Beth Rochel    $206,293.50
Bnei Yakov Yosef Of Monsey $202,846.20
Congregation Beth David Dba Yeshiva Beth David    $182,265.75
Talmud Torah Adas Yereim $181,550.88
Cong Kolei Chasidel Rachmistrivka Inc Dba Ohr Yochanan $162,625.20
Congregation Bobover Yeshiva Of Monsey $162,391.83
Congregation Masores Hachinuch Inc. Bas Mikroh    $141,644.25
Congregation Bais Chana Malka $137,951.44
Readright, LLC (Lakewood)  $126,148.58
Congregation Yeshous Moshe Viznitz $120,422.36
Roth Publishers Inc.  $120,057.29
Talmud Torah Darkei Avos-Monsey $112,876.75
Bais Yaakov Elementary Of Rockland Cty    $110,448.00
Bais Trany Of Monsey    $106,200.00
Talmud Torah D’chasidia Bobov Girls    $106,200.00
Congregation Bais Malka    $106,200.00
Talmud Torah D’chasidia Bobov Boys    $106,067.25
Cong Kolei Chasidel Rachmistrivka Inc Dba Ohr Yochanan    $105,934.50
Bnei Yakov Yosef Of Monsey    $100,890.00
Yeshiva Bais Mikroh    $97,571.25
Congregation Machzikei Hadas Of Belz    $95,580.00
Rockland Institute For Special Education Ohrv’daas Rise    $94,674.68
Beth Rochel School For Girls $92,444.50
Mosdos Sanz Of Monsey $91,851.36
Zaner-Bloser, Inc.  $90,484.68
Otzar Haseforim Of Monsey    $77,109.82
To Charge Title III For The Cost Of Scoring The Nonpublic Nyselat Charged By Sou    $73,427.21
Bnos Esther    $73,278.00
Talmud Torah Darkei Avos Monsey   $71,685.00
Congregation Talmud Torah D’chasidei $71,484.15
Palmtree Publishing Co.  $66,823.83
Talmud Torah Adas Yereim    $65,313.00
Congregation Yeshous Moshe Viznitz    $63,189.00
Bais Yakov Chofetz Chaim Of Pomona    $60,666.75
Congregation Beth David $56,699.08
Yeshiva Tzoin Yosef Pupa    $56,286.00
Congregation Bobover Yeshiva Of Monsey    $53,100.00
Cong. Bais Chinuch Ateres Bnos Inc.    $53,100.00
Mosdos Sanz Of Monsey    $52,834.50
Congegation Vien Of Monsey Bnos Chana Vien    $51,507.00
Congregation Bnos Zion Of Bobov Monsey    $50,445.00
Bnos Esther Pupa    $48,852.00
Adolph H Schreiber Hebrew Academy Of Roc    $48,188.25
Mosdos Sanz Klausenberg Of Monsey Girls   $47,790.00
Bnos Derech Yisroel Of Monsey    $47,524.50
William H Sadlier, Inc.  $46,369.89
Weiss/nechemia Spots Educational  Resources  $45,706.65
Rockland Institute For Special Education    $43,680.00
Yeshiva Darkei Emunah    $42,480.00
Cheder Chabad    $39,825.00
Yeshiva Derech Hatorah Dba Mosdos Press  $39,413.90
Yeshivas Ohr Reuven    $39,294.00
Yeshiva Degel Hatorah    $37,701.00
Yeshiva Sanz Klausenberg Mosdos Sanz Klausenberg Of M  $37,170.00
Congregation Chemdath Torah V’ Chesed  $36,759.71
Yeshiva Tzoin Yosef    $35,709.75
Haksav Vehaloshen  $34,617.00
Hebrew Academy For Special Children    $31,594.50
Congegation Vien Of Monsey Bnos Chana Vien $30,943.00
Congregation Bnos Zion Of Bobov Monsey $28,842.00
Mosdos Sanz Klausenberg Of Monsey Inc $27,645.80
Tuvia’s Seforim Judaica, Inc. Orders  $27,393.16
Congregation Koifer Nefesh $25,707.06
World News On The Run Hannah Gastfreund    $20,575.00
Leren Curriculum Inc. (“The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use For Chinuch”)  $18,927.77
Rivka D. Bronner Inc  $15,319.20
Mazlo Inc  $13,092.00
Livyas Chain Publishing C/o Deutsch  $12,749.90
Readrite  $7,816.90
Mosdos Press  $5,902.60
Tiferet Publications Inc  $5,757.84
Congregation Rimza D’chochmosa Inc  $5,047.41
World News On The Run Hannah Gastfreund  $4,225.00
Ycr Educational Publishing Inc  $4,210.80
Mesorah Publications, Ltd. Dba/textword Press, Inc.  $4,184.98
Enriched Learning Corp.  $3,929.00
L’shon Hatorah  $3,590.40
Congegation Vien Of Monsey $2,347.40
Lishkas Hasefer  $1,707.38
TOTAL  $ 33,093,517.85