Knowledge is Power

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:

1. Vote on Sept 13
2. Public Hearing Sept 7
3. Knowledge is Power

1) Vote on Sept 13

With all the attention in the media focused on the Presidential Election, many people may not be aware that September 13 is also an Election Day. This year, we have two races (at least) in which East Ramapo is an important election issue.

Ellen Jaffee has been a leader in the effort to get NY State to intervene in East Ramapo. She represents the 97th NY Assembly District, parts of which are in East Ramapo. She is being challenged in the Sept. 13 Primary Election,  She is very well respected by her colleagues, which has kept East Ramapo high on the agenda in Albany. As we continue to pressure Albany to intervene, her skills and reputation will be indispensable.

Krystal Serrano is running in the September 13 Primary for the 98th Assembly District. Like Ellen Jaffee, she believes that NY State must do more to protect public education in East Ramapo. Her opponent is the former East Ramapo School Board member whose tenure was marked by the closure and sale of public schools, massive escalation of legal bills, and schemes to use public dollars to pay for private tuition.

Please do not fail to go out on Sept. 13 and vote! If you don’t live in one of these districts, you probably know at least one person who does. Please make a personal effort to encourage people to vote for these two supporters of public education.

A Candidate Forum will be held THIS THURSDAY:

NAACP and JAMCCAR Candidate Forum
Thursday, September 8th, 2016 @ 6:30PM
Louis Kurtz Center
9 N. Main St.
Spring Valley, NY

2) Public Hearing Sept 7

In June, NY State passed a law to bring $3 million in extra state aid to East Ramapo.

The district is planning to use the money to provide:

Full-day Kindergarten for ALL
Various Arts Programming in Elementary School
More Collaborative Classes

Full details are available on the district web page

There will be a public hearing THIS WEDNESDAY: 

Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 7:30
105 S. Madison Ave
Spring Valley.

3) Knowledge is Power

You may have noticed that Power of Ten Updates are not always keeping up with all the latest developments.

I recommend that everyone sign up for the Strong East Ramapo list, which provides more frequent updates with more detailed reports. Strong East Ramapo also has a FaceBook group which has even more info.