From East Ramapo to U.S. Congress

Power of Ten Update
In This Issue:
1. From East Ramapo to U.S. Congress
2. School Board and Budget Vote Delayed

1) From East Ramapo to U.S. Congress

As an East Ramapo student, Mondaire Jones dreamed big. Mondaire’s grandfather was a janitor at Pomona Middle School. His grandmother served lunch in East Ramapo public schools. They taught Mondaire the value of a good education. He took advantage of all East Ramapo had to offer and went on to get his Law Degree from Harvard. Like so many other young people who participated in the struggle for justice in East Ramapo, Mondaire has carried on into his adult life the knowledge that we cannot take any of the rights that were won by our forebears for granted. You can learn all about the fantastic work he has done on his website:

Now Mondaire Jones is running for U.S. Congress. I strongly encourage everyone to learn about his campaign, and to realize that everything he stands for is a direct result of the struggle for justice we have all been part of here in our district. Realize that this is only part of a wider struggle that has been going on all over the country – it is the struggle for a government that serves the people with integrity and transparency and does not pander to powerful special interests.

The Democratic Primary election is scheduled for June 23. Because of the pandemic emergency, campaigning may be even more expensive than usual. Please consider donating to Mondaire’s campaign at

2) School Board and Budget Vote Delayed

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, the May 19 School Board and Budget Vote has been delayed until “at least” June 1. Our candidates still need to get petition signatures. Thanks to all who have printed and sent their sheets by USPS. If you have not yet done so, please follow the directions, HERE.



Closing Arguments Tuesday; How to Listen Live!

Power of Ten Update
In This Issue:
1. Closing Arguments Tuesday
2. Outrageous Actions by School Board President Could Prove Expensive for District
3. Local Covid-19 Relief Efforts

1) Closing Arguments Tuesday

Closing arguments of the NAACP-East Ramapo Voting Rights Act case will take place Tuesday, March 24th at 2:00 PM.

The proceedings will take place by Zoom Meeting Information: 

By phone: 877-853-5247 Meeting ID: 462 927 6583

2) Outrageous Actions by School Board President Could Prove Expensive for District

According to The Journal News, East Ramapo schools board rejected settlement offer that could saved millions, NYCLU says

What appears to have happened, from testimony and documents revealed in the trial, is that the judge ordered the two parties to attempt to reach a settlement before trial, and that school board President Grossman excluded the only two minority members of the board from meaningful participation in the settlement talks.

This is not the first time that a school board president and the special counsel have been accused of excluding other board members from important decisions. In 2013, two board members resigned largely over this practice, including board member Young-Mercer, who was the only person on color on the board at the time. In her letter explaining her reasons for resigning, she wrote: “In the past few weeks I have become aware important decisions that were made by the Superintendent without my knowledge. I feel that these decisions jeopardized the educational progression of East Ramapo students as well and the students of neighboring Rockland County School districts.” Board member Price wrote: “As far as I can determine, the letter from David Butler to the James DeLorenzo dated January 14, 2013 was never authorized by the Board of Education.” and “I feel that I have been wrongfully denied access to District information that I reasonably require to perform my duties.”

Read the letters of resignation here

3) Local Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Many of our neighbors are having a hard time keeping food on the table due to the closures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MLK Center operates one of the largest food pantries in the county; they are seeing increased need now. Learn how you can help the MLK Center here

Proyecto Faro is an organization with expertise engaging new immigrants, many of whom are especially vulnerable to economic downturns.  Find out how to help Proyecto Faro here

Urgent Notice!

Power of Ten Urgent Notice:

Due to concerns about spreading the COVID-19 virus, gathering petition signatures for candidates is more difficult this year.

Please download the petitions, print and sign (all four pages please), and return via USPS to: East Ramapo Campaign, 10 Garden Pl, Spring Valley NY 10977.

Due to social isolation guidelines, the candidates will be unable to hold a traditional fundraiser.

Please donate online today!

Thank you!

Update: Event Cancelled

Power of Ten Update 

NOTICE- The Event announced for Friday March 13 in the last issue IS CANCELLED.
Thanks to all for understanding.
Stay up to date on how to keep safe by visiting the Rockland County Website
The challenges of facing a public health crisis reinforce the importance of public education. When every person in our community has a good education, is able to understand healthy behavior and consequences, has the means to support themselves and prepare for emergencies, and has health care, we are all safer. When high quality education is only for some children, we all suffer. You may remember your chemistry teacher saying “You are only as safe as the least safe person in the laboratory.”
Many East Ramapo families may be experiencing hardships due to the measures we must all take for public health. Now is the time for us each to do what we can to stay calm and stay safe, and to help our neighbors do the same.
Due to concerns about spreading the COVID-19 virus, gathering petition signatures for candidates may be more difficult this year. If you prefer, you can download the petitions here, print at home, sign (all four pages please), and return via USPS to: East Ramapo Campaign, 10 Garden Pl, Spring Valley NY 10977

Our 2020 Candidates

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:

1. Announcing Our 2020 Candidates

2. Women’s History Month Event UPDATE: THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED

3. MLK Center Gala
1) Announcing Our 2020 Candidates

Thanks to all who attended the 2020 forum on February 29! Six very qualified people expressed interest in volunteering to serve on the school board. They all presented exactly the wide variety of skills and backgrounds that the Center for Public Education says are necessary for a well functioning school board. We received a lot of good questions and feedback from the audience and the audience feedback was used to put together this year’s team. We originally expected only three seats would be available, but due to the resignation of a board member, there will be four seats up for election this year.

Our candidates this year are Sherry McGill, Ana Maeda-Gonzalez, Kerry Victor and Hiram Rivera.

Please visit to learn all about them, and please sign up to Volunteer and Donate to the campaign if you can!

2) Women’s History Month Event THIS FRIDAY CANCELLED

Jamaican Civic & Cultural Association of Rockland, Inc. (JAMCCAR) Celebrates Women’s History Month with a group of dynamic women!

Panelists: Michelle Brown, Emmy Award Nominated Reporter; Lorna Hawthorne, Chairperson of the Board of Lowell F. Hawthorne Foundation; Andrea Isaacs, MD FCCP; Ellen Jaffee, NYS Assembly Member; Dr. Elizabeth A Johnson, DPT; Sophia D. Thomas, Chief Financial Officer Rockland Employees Federal Credit Union

NOTICE: THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED: Friday, March 13 at 7:30 PM at the Louis Kurtz Center, 9 North Main Street, Spring Valley

3) MLK Center Gala

The MLK Center Awards Benefit Gala will take place Sunday, April 19 at The Paramount Country Club

All the details: