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School Board Meeting Wednesday

February 15 at 7:30
105 S. Madison Ave. Spring Valley

Poetry Slam at Ramapo HS Friday
February 17 at 6:30 PM
Ramapo High School

Official Announcements
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School Board Campaign News
The 2012 campaign has begun. Visit http://poweroften.us/new/2012-campaign/ for more information

Message from the Editor
This Wednesday the school board will publicly begin the process of working on next year’s budget.  In the past several years, the process has been a charade, with endless hours of arguing over minutia in public, followed by an announcement of plans which were clearly prepared in private. However, it has been the public’s involvement in this process which has spurred interest from government investigators and the media, and it is important that we all come for at least part of the meeting to show that the students of East Ramapo are not without advocates.

The Poetry Slam on Friday is just one of the amazing events that our students will be presenting during the Spring Semester.  Many of the performances are as good as anything you will see on stage in NYC.  Whether you like sports, theater, music, dance, or all of the above, you will be amazed and entertained by the displays of talent and the exuberance of youth. To truly appreciate what our young people have achieved through the power of public education, you must come out to see them in action.  The Poetry Slam is a great example of how the core curriculum interacts with and is enhanced by the performing arts curriculum. Language, Music Movement, Performance are all one and inseparable. To quote former Assistant Superintendent Pedro Santana- “Our kids are Amazing!!!” – Steve White, editor