Equivalency, Test Scores, Competition

Power of Ten Update
In This Issue:
1. Equivalency Petition
2. Test Scores
3. Marching Band Competition

1) Equivalency Petition

Education is a civil right guaranteed by the NY State Constitution. Tens of thousands of children are suffering from educational neglect in yeshivas across New York, including many in East Ramapo. The Chancellor of NYC schools has documented that many non-public schools are not providing educational equivalency while many others are not cooperating with efforts to determine equivalency.The Commissioner of Education has delayed releasing new guidelines for educational equivalency in non-public schools for too long. It’s time for us to speak up about these delays. 

Send a message to Commissioner Elia, insisting that she release the new guidelines for non-public schools immediately!

Click here to view the petition

2) Test Scores

The NY State testing and assessment results are complicated. NYSED keeps changing the test, making it difficult to compare year to year. However, the differences among Rockland districts is startling. East Ramapo continues to have the lowest proficiency rates in Rockland, 50% lower than our nearest neighbors.

The Journal News has reported the latest test results here

The monitors assigned by NYSED for East Ramapo for the last three years have never provided a true critical analysis of the reasons for continued low test results and low graduation rate. They have never discussed solutions for the long term systemic problems. We continue to be cajoled and flattered about progress made because we passed a bond to pay for renovations, and for progress made due to the influx of state aid. There is no doubt that these things are helpful. However, the district staff can’t be reasonably expected to provide unbiased criticism of themselves, and so NYSED must provide that information. For most other districts, the information available on the NYSED website is enough, but East Ramapo has monitors for a reason. At this point, there is not much hope that the current monitors will ever do more than their political assignment, which appears to be to give cover to Albany to do nothing.

3) Marching Band Competition

The world famous East Ramapo Marching Band will host a competition at Spring Valley High School on Saturday, October 6, at 6:00 PM.

There are many great events put on by our students all year long. Sporting Events, Concerts, Theater, and more. 

The Marching Band Competition is an event that is sure to entertain and inspire pride.

More details are available on the Marching Band Facebook page.


Promises, Promises

Power of Ten Update
In This Issue:
1. Promises, Promises
2. Vote Thursday September 13
3. Local Election Information

1) Promises, Promises

According to reports in ultra-Orthodox media, Governor Cuomo promised the Satmar Rebbe in Brooklyn that he “would not interfere” in matters of education in the ultra-Orthodox sector, in return for the support of the Rebbe.

Power of Ten Readers will remember that earlier this year, Governor Cuomo did weaken educational standards at the request of the ultra-Orthodox.

However, his spokesperson would not confirm or deny whether Cuomo made the comments to the Grand Rebbe, and the Governor told Politico that he has no direct role in oversight and he is sure NY will fully enforce the education law for all schools.

The only logical conclusion is that either:

A) The ultra-Orthodox media is misrepresenting what Gov. Cuomo said 


B) Gov. Cuomo is misrepresenting what Gov. Cuomo said.

All of this begs the question “Why would any elected official meet privately with a group that advocates for the educational neglect of children?”

2) Vote Thursday September 13

NY State Primary Election Day is Thursday September 13.

The issues in Albany that directly effect the educational experience of our children are: Funding and Oversight.

On both of these issues, the Democratic-led Assembly has delivered. They have passed bills which fully fund education and they passed the bill for a Monitor with Veto Power for East Ramapo. Assembly members Jaffee and Zebrowski  were tireless in their advocacy for our issues.

On both issues, the Republican-led Senate has not delivered. Their funding bills have failed to meet the court ordered funding amounts and they failed to pass the bill for a Monitor with Veto Power for East Ramapo. Complicating matters in the Senate, Democratic Senator Felder and the “Independent Democratic Caucus” (IDC), which includes our own Senator Carlucci, have not supported the Democratic leadership’s version of the funding bills. 

On both issues Governor Cuomo has not delivered. He has failed to fully fund and he has weakened educational standards. 

Voting by itself is not enough, but it is an essential part of our struggle for Justice in East Ramapo. Power yields nothing without demand. Thursday’s trip to the voting booth is a chance for each of us to say “I am here, I matter, I will not be invisible.”

3) Local Election Information

The most hotly contested race is for NY Senate District 38, where Julie Goldberg is the challenger to incumbent David Carlucci.

There is a lot of good information on local elections from local media sources. 

The Journal News: Carlucci-Goldberg primary: Candidates vying for Democratic mantle answer six questions

Preserve Ramapo: Julie Goldberg for State Senate–Sept 13 Primary