Important School Board Election Info

Power of Ten Update
In This Issue:
1. Important School Board Election Info
2. East Ramapo Author Publishes New Book
3. Message from School Board Member Carole Anderson

1) Important School Board Election Info

Our candidates have always worked together as a team, together with the community for the best interests of the students. This year, the rights of East Ramapo voters have been affirmed by the court’s decision to enforce the Voting Rights Act. Our candidates will be elected by and responsible to the people who use the public schools!

Our candidates are:

Ward 1 – Ashley Leveille

Ward 2 – Sabrina Charles-Pierre

Ward 3 – Sherry McGill

Ward 9 – Carole Anderson

For more information on Our candidates, Our Issues, and Voting Info, visit the campaign webpage at:

Like every other campaign, school board campaigns have expenses. There will also be volunteer opportunities. Please visit the campaign webpage for more info:

2) East Ramapo Author Publishes New Book

Michael’s Legacy – Transcending Life and Death is a new book written by Mark Judelson, an author and playwright whose previous work include “East Ramapo”, a play. His new book is about how one family’s tragedy became a life-changing story as Michael Bovill’s life went on in the five people who received his organs in life-saving transplant operations.

To recognize and support the essential work of the NAACP in general and the Spring Valley Branch in particular, Mark will donate $1.00 of his royalties for each book sold to the Branch by buyers who identify the Branch as their chosen recipient. Visit for details.

3) Message from School Board Member Carole Anderson

Recently, I viewed a webinar offered by the New York State School Board Association entitled “Institutional Racism: Raising awareness and meeting the needs of all students” which greatly reminded me of what happened to me when I was in high school.  I was failing geometry and my mother went to see the teacher to find out what needed to be done so I could pass.  The teacher told my mother that I didn’t have the mental ability to be able to comprehend “geometry”.  My mother told the teacher she would get me a tutor.  The teacher told her that she would be wasting her money.  Upon hearing what the teacher said I was devastated, but my mother and grandmother wouldn’t allow me to dwell in self-pity.  They got me a tutor and I received an 80% on the final which forced the teacher to give me 65% as a final grade.  The teacher had the nerve to call me in her office to ask me if I had cheated on the final!

How often do our Black and Brown children have to endure similar humiliation?  If I didn’t have the support of my mother and grandmother I wouldn’t be where I am today.  They pushed me into going to college where I received a BA in Elementary Education and I went on to get two MAs in Education.  They instilled in me that quitting when there is adversity is not an option!  We have to give that kind of support to our children in this community.  They need to know that we have their backs.  Your attendance at meetings informs you of what is going on and what is needed to improve the education for the children of ERCSD.

We not only have to support our children but we have to support our interim Superintendent Dr. Giamartino who is doing an outstanding job.  Believe me when I say he has a handle on the situation and can bring about changes if given the chance.  The schools in ER didn’t get to where they are now overnight; thus, change isn’t going to happen overnight.  We, as a community, need to be on top of things.  Please encourage your friends and neighbors to listen in to school board meetings on YouTube. Information on when meetings happen is available on the district website,