NYS Comptrollers Office Slams East Ramapo Oversight

Here is the damning indictment from NY State of the failed leadership by the East Ramapo Board of Education and district officials:

“The board, along with district officials, failed to fulfill its stewardship, oversight and leadership responsibilities when it failed to establish a proper control environment , implement its own adopted policy and establish policies and procedures required by sound business practices,” the report concludes. “The deficiencies exposed district funds and assets to abuse, waste and/or loss.”

Read the full audit by the Comptroller online: http://www.osc.state.ny.us/localgov/audits/schools/2011/eastramapo.pdf

Read the Journal News editorial:

Stakeholders activists have been making this case through FOIL, in person and through letters for years.

This does hurt quality of education in our district!!!

The same Board members who were firing teaching assistants making about 18k, were in arrears in payments of 15K on their own health premiums. The same board members who waste hours of board time arguing over the price of pencils for public school students have lost oversight of millions of dollars spent on private school supplies and services. We are outraged, but not at all surprised by the findings of the comptroller’s report.