Last Minute Change: Board Plans to VOTE on BUDGET TONIGHT!

OK…in true East Ramapo form, the Board put up the agenda only this morning and we confirmed that there was no public speaking. At 2:30 the agenda was ‘revised’ to include public speaking. They are also calling for the Board to adopt the budget tonight. According to the budget outline, the Board was to adopt the budget on 4/6/11.

Why would the Board be doing things this way? Well, to confuse the public and provide the least amount of notice to hear from the public. The last time there was public speaking was 3/16/11 and there have been proposed changes to the budget. We have not been afforded the time to speak about those changes yet….and what impact will the resoration of fund from Gov. Cuomo have on the buget?
What is the hurry? Maybe it has to do with the Board having to make a decsion about what Dr. O’s future is with the District….that has to be addressed by 3/31/11. Take a look at the AGENDA for 3/31/11…it looks rather ominous.

Peggy Hatton
Candidate for ERCSD School Board

AGENDA for 3/30/11 (TONIGHT!!!)

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