Vote Today; Saturday Picnic Rain or Shine; Unforgettable Veteran at board meeting

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:

1. Vote Today
2. Saturday’s Picnic Rain or Shine
3. Voice of a Veteran

1) Vote Today

East Ramapo has become a very important political campaign issue in recent years. Informing the readers about candidates who have participated in our struggle is part of Power of Ten’s focus on East Ramapo issues.

Rev. Jacques Michel is running for legislator in District 13. Rev. Michel has passed legislation opposing the closing of elementary schools. He participated in rallies along with parents. His opponent is Aron Wieder.  Mr. Wieder  spearheaded the effort to block legislation that would have provided a check on the actions of the school board. 

Betty Carmand is running for Legislature in District 8. Betty has been one of the people at the center of our struggle for a long time. She is a plaintiff in the civil rights lawsuit. She helped to recruit others to join that lawsuit. Betty has also filed appeals with the state education department. Her opponent is Toney Earl. He supported the bill for a state monitor. 

2) Saturday’s Picnic Rain or Shine

There is plenty of shelter from the rain at Deerkill Day Camp. We are looking forward to sharing a nice picnic, some fantastic music, and celebrating our accomplishments. We will also be raising funds for Advocates for Justice.

If you cannot attend, you can still contribute. Just go to and click “Support Our Lawsuit”.

3) Voice of a Veteran

David Lipman, decorated WWII Veteran and ERCSD alum, class of 1939, came to the school board meeting on Tuesday night. What he said is unforgettable.