Vote Today; Polling Place Update; Shameful Behavior by Candidates

Power of Ten Update

In this Issue:

1.    Vote Today

2.    Polling Place Update

3.    A Question of Integrity


1) Vote Today

Today, Tuesday May 21 is Election Day.  It is very important that every eligible person get out to vote, and that everyone, whether you can vote or not, spread the word and get others to vote.

There are three school board seats which will be decided; our candidates are:

Margaret Tuck – Eustache Clerveaux – Robert Forrest

Information on the candidates

Information on where to vote

A vote for our three candidates is a vote for integrity, for transparency, for putting children’s education back as the priority for East Ramapo. 

2) Polling Place Update

The RCC Annex is closed.

Voters who voted there last year will vote at the Louis Kurtz Civic Center, 9 N Main St. in Spring Valley this year.

Other polling places remain the same.

There has been some confusion caused by the Rockland County Board of Elections which sent out cards regarding a change in the polling place for the general election.  It is unfortunate that these cards were sent right before the school board election.  Please be aware that except for the RCC Annex moving to the Kurtz center, all other polls are the same as last year. Polling place info is available at

3) A Question of Integrity

In the past, candidates who support public education have worked together to promote unity in the community.  This year we are seeing a very strange group of candidates using dishonest tactics to appeal to voters who want better education, for instance by sending a mailer which lists full day kindergarten as a goal.  This mailer, which was in English, French and Spanish, included a message to vote YES for the budget in French and Spanish, but not English.  However, the same candidates also had a newspaper ad in a Yiddish language newspaper saying to stop out of control spending and to vote NO on the budget in English.

It would seem that these three candidates are being dishonest in some way with their advertising.  It would seem that perhaps they hope to trick people. This seems to be a new low in East Ramapo Elections, and that is saying a lot.