Power of Ten Update
Special Edition: Vote!

This is a special message for Power of Ten readers who are registered voters in East Ramapo.

Every voter should have received a ballot in the mail by now. If you have not received a ballot, you should notify the district clerk right away.

You can only vote for ONE candidate! 


WARD 1: Ashley Leveille
WARD 2: Sabrina Charles Pierre
WARD 3: Sherry McGill
WARD 4: Linda Valentine (write in)
WARD 9: Carole Anderson

Your ballot will have your ward number on it. Darken ONLY the circle for the ONE of our candidates that is running for your ward.

For Ward 4, you will need to darken the circle for “write-in” and write the name in.

If you do not live in one of these wards, you may want to write in another name.

The ballot comes with a postage paid envelope and instructions. Please follow the instructions and return your ballot ASAP. There is also a box for ballots at the district. Instructions are provided for that as well.

Candidates are also accepting help with phone calls, etc.

You can volunteer or donate on their website: