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Special Edition: Call to Action

If there is one person who is most responsible for the degradation of East Ramapo, it is Aron Wieder. In Nov, 2009, Aron Wieder brought Al D’Agostino to East Ramapo. In June of 2011, the school board majority, led by Aron Wieder chose Dr. Joel Klein  for Superintendent of schools. 

Last year, the majority of the Democrats in the Rockland County Legislature supported the oversight bill offered by Assembly members Jaffee and Zebrowski and Senator Carlucci. Mr. Wieder, as the leader of the Democratic majority, should have carried their message to Albany. Instead, he spearheaded the effort to block the legislation.

The Rockland County Legislature Democrats should not allow Mr. Wieder to continue in a leadership role. His record as Majority Leader is inconsistent with Democratic Party values. He put his own opinions ahead of his duty to his fellow legislators.

There are three Democratic Rockland County Legislators who supported the legislation for a monitor in East Ramapo but have not yet indicated if they will oppose a re-nomination of Mr. Wieder. They are Toney Earl, Aney Paul, and Alden Wolfe.

Please call the Legislature at 845-638-5100 and ask to speak to Toney Earl, Aney Paul, and Alden Wolfe. You may be directed to their constituent representatives.

Leave a message:

Thank you for continuing to support strong oversight for East Ramapo. I am calling to ask you not to vote to approve Aron Wieder as Majority Leader. Mr. Wieder does not support strong oversight for East Ramapo. He does not respect our views and he has failed to represent you as your leader.

Then, E-mail the same message:

Hon. Alden H. Wolfe, Chairman

Hon. Toney L. Earl

Hon. Aney Paul

Thank you,

Steven White
Editor, The Power of Ten


Power of Ten Update
Special edition: Announcing a new group!
The Concerned Citizens of East Ramapo is a new group which has formed and endorsed a slate of candidates for the East Ramapo School Board who are committed to putting “children first”.
YOUR HELP Is needed for the Phone Bank, the GOTV campaign, and monetary donations
Please read the following message from the group and give them your full support!
Dear Neighbor,
The stakes in this upcoming election for the East Ramapo Board of Education have never been higher. Nothing less that the fundamental value of a free public education is on the line. Decisions made by the present majority of board members have led to failed fiscal management and the moral bankruptcy of our school system.
It is time to change who leads our schools. You see, the American promise has always been that we educate all our children so they are prepared to become members of a democratic community. The defining issue of this upcoming board election is how to keep that promise alive.
We can settle for a dysfunctional school system that fails to use our tax dollars to educate students and also reduces the value of our homes or, we can begin to restore a school system where every child has a fair shot at success.
The Concerned Citizens of East Ramapo, a group of citizens who organized to restore our schools to the levels of excellence that in years past attracted a diverse group of parents to our community, have endorsed our slate because we are committed to putting “children first”. We are going to do whatever it takes to restore the mission of the board of education to protecting every child’s civil right to a free, public education.
Folks, this is a make or break moment for our children and our community.
That is why we are hoping that you will rush a donation to our campaign. Every dollar will help us win back the board majority. No contribution is too small. This is truly a grassroots effort.
Checks are to be made out Gordon and Gordon and mailed to 3 Cooper Morris Drive, Pomona New York 10970. Donations can also be made through our website,
If you would like additional information you can call 845 354 5809 or email us at
Please visit our website to sign up for the phone bank. Email Michael Miller at to participate n the Get Out The Vote Campaign.
On May 15 please vote for us.
Kim Foskew, Hiram Rivera, JoAnne Thompson