Stop Mid-year Cuts

Commissioner Rosa, don't allow mid-year cuts in East Ramapo

Dear Commissioner Rosa,

I am writing to you today because East Ramapo is in the process of cutting teachers in the middle of the school year. The district, according to Interim Superintendent Giamartino, is making these cuts because internal audits have discovered "a series of long-standing underfunded budget codes".

East Ramapo, as you know has already suffered from hundreds of staff cuts over the past several years, while enrollment has been skyrocketing. We are asking you to work with the Board of Regents and our NY State Representatives (copied on this message) to intervene and prevent these cuts from happening.

We also ask that you investigate the failure of the school board to "make budgetary adjustments to meet the necessary reductions of the current contingent budget" and plan for "pending costs associated with the long-standing litigation" and "state aid losses" which are the result of Federal CARES Act funds being distributed differently than the NY Formula Aid that they replaced.

The children should not have to pay for the mistakes of the school board!!!


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