Special Edition: Advocates for Justice

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Special Edition: Advocates for Justice

It seems like almost every time you pick up a newspaper there is some new injustice being done to the students of East Ramapo. You may ask yourself why isn’t someone doing something? Well, Advocates for Justice, a public interest, not-for-profit law firm has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. The lawsuit seeks to hold those accountable to justice, and for the court to order an end to the school board’s abusive and unconstitutional practices.

Advocates for Justice represents parents and students for free, but has undertaken a fund-raising campaign to raise $25,000 for ongoing court expenses.

Thanks to many small donations from community members, to date they have raised $23,452 or 94% of the goal!!!

They have extended the campaign – one last time – to January 15.

With 5 days left, your tax deductible donation is urgently needed.

Please donate today!