School Budget Vote Today

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Vote Today:

The Budget Revote will be held today, Tuesday, June 18.

For info on registration, polling places, etc., go to

The administration is saying that if this budget is voted down, there will be no sports at all next year, among other extremely serious cuts. They are also saying that the ‘yes’ budget contains uncertainty and that they will reduce the spending amount if they don’t get certain revenue sources.

Uncertainty about the actual result of the ‘yes’ vote, along with a feeling of being abused and manipulated, and a looming collision with state regulators has many of those who have always supported school budgets thinking they may stay home or even vote ‘no’.

However, the threat of losing essential programs such as AP classes and sports may bring out many new ‘yes’ voters.  A documentary film has been produced regarding the impact of cuts to sports programs

Meanwhile, vote “NO” signs have been going up in the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods where the majority of the ‘NO’ vote usually comes from.

There has been a spirited debate among public school supporters, I have chosen two well written pieces to represent each point of view:

Vote “NO” on the ERCSD Budget – by Carole Anderson

Discrimination is alive and well in the ERCSD.  The superintendent and school board have totally disregarded the Supreme Court Decision of Brown vs the Bd. of Education of Topeka, Ks. which put an end to segregation in the public schools.  They have cut public school programs to the bones and haven’t made any cuts to the non-public schools.  In order to save public education in ER we must take a stand and force Cuomo and King to put their big pants on and take over ER.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!  Our children deserve better!

 Please Vote “YES” on Tuesday – by Stephen Price

To everyone that wants to vote “No”, you should know that there is likely no one that understands your frustrations better than I do. You are correct to feel as you do. But, unfortunately we cannot afford to vent frustrations. I am still hoping and encouraging everyone to vote “Yes”.

A defeated budget will not force the State to act. But, it will give Dr. Joel St Klein and the BOE more opportunities to delude themselves that everyone else caused this disaster. The District debt is still growing and no amount of State Aid, lottery spin up or building sales will turn that around any time soon. If the budget passes, then the usual spin will not work. Instead, the blame will fall squarely on Dr. St Klein when he later has to make more cuts because he gambled and lost on the lottery spin-up and the sale of Colton.

Let’s pass the budget and then hold Dr. St Klein and then BOE accountable before the Governor and the Commissioner. Please vote “Yes” on Tuesday!

 Message from the Editor

You can tell from the thoughtful and passionate essays above that our diverse community does have many people who care about ALL of the children. That spirit that made our schools among the best in the nation is still here. East Ramapo votes at a higher rate than any other district.  Our students are conducting massive non-violent protests.  We have garnered steady media attention from local, regional, and national sources. We have petitioned Albany with hundreds of calls and emails. We have filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court.  Justice is coming to East Ramapo, and WE can make it happen!

Steve White, editor