Sabrina On Board; Advocates for Justice Need Your Help

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:

1. Sabrina Charles-Pierre On Board!
2. Urgent Appeal for Civil Rights Lawsuit

1) Sabrina Charles-Pierre On Board!

Sabrina Charles-Pierre, who ran for school board in May, has been appointed to fill the seat of Juan Pablo Ramirez, who resigned after attending just one meeting in July. Sabrina will be the only woman on the board. We hope to add to that next May.

2. Urgent Appeal for Civil Rights Lawsuit

East Ramapo students’ constitutional rights are being violated. Advocates for Justice has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Our Goal is to raise $25,000 by November 30

Our lawsuit seeks to return misused public funds to the district, remove the school board members, and ensure proper school board decisions and fiscal management for East Ramapo.

Our Goal is Justice for the Children

A4J lawyers represent us for free, but there are court, deposition and discovery expenses. Please donate so we can continue this fight. Donations are tax deductible.

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