Reminder: Vote Tuesday!

Power of Ten Update
Special Issue: Vote June 25

What happens in local elections does affect our situation in the schools. It is important for us all to go out and vote. To vote in a party primary election, you need to be a member of that party.

Two races in local elections in this year’s Democratic Primary are particularly worth noting:

Vivian Street is running for Rockland County Legislature in District 13. This seat is currently held by Aron Wieder, who has used the position to actively oppose oversight for East Ramapo schools, both public and non-public. If you are registered Democratic and live in LD-13, you can vote for Vivian. If you are not, you can still help her, visit her website for details.

Ken Zebrowski is running for District Attorney. He is currently serving as a NY State Assembly member. In the Assembly he has consistently supported better education for our children, including funding for All-day Kindergarten, and increased oversight of both public and non-public schools. Every Registered Democrat in Rockland County can vote for Ken on June 25!