Reminder: Rally September 2

Power of Ten Update

Reminder: Rally September 2

1. Rally Sept 2 to Protest Discrimination in East Ramapo
2. Sign the Petition: East Ramapo, Don’t Discriminate
3. Join the Event on Facebook

1. Rally Sept 2 to Protest Discrimination in East Ramapo

Tuesday, September 2, at 7:00 PM
East Ramapo District Office Building
105 S. Madison Ave, Spring Valley

We are calling on all parents, students, neighbors, and everyone who is shocked by this racist policy to come to the next school board meeting. Please do not fail to attend this important meeting for the future of our youth. When one group is targeted, we are all victims!!!

Bring your own sign if you can.  Some ideas for signs:

  1. Education is my dream!
  2. We all deserve a chance to succeed!
  3. We all have rights!
  4. No matter where I came from all I want is to have a better life!
  5. We are the future!
  6. Education, not discrimination!
  7. Klein must resign!

2. Sign the Petition: East Ramapo, Don’t Discriminate

Please also sign the petition at:

3. Join the Event on Facebook

These days one of the best ways to spread the word is by inviting Facebook friends to come to an event. Please join online and invite all your friends too!