NY Intervenes for Public Students; Non-public Students Still Waiting

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:

1. Oversight is Law
2. Petition: All Children Deserve an Education
3. Summer, Sand & Soul – A Day Party With a Purpose

1) Oversight is Law

Governor Cuomo has signed the East Ramapo oversight bill, affirming that the district indeed merits special attention to ensure all students receive the education they deserve.

The law authorizes the State Commissioner of Education to oversee the upcoming district budget to meet students’ needs. In addition, the Commissioner can either approve or deny the sales of public assets, capital contracts over $100,000 and reductions in restored programs.

The district will also be eligible for three million dollars in aid for the 2016-17 school year. Here’s what will happen, according to the law:

— “In order to receive such funds, the school district in consultation with the monitor or monitors shall develop a long term strategic academic and fiscal improvement plan within 6 months from the enactment of this act.” This step is already underway.

— “Such plan shall be submitted to the commissioner for approval.”

— “The board of education of the East Ramapo central school district must conduct a public hearing on the expenditure plan and shall consider the input of the community before adopting such plan.”

— “The commissioner shall disburse the funds after receiving satisfactory evidence from the East Ramapo central school district that the district has complied with the approved comprehensive expenditure plan and spent such funds pursuant to the approved expenditure plan.”

More to come, but the acknowledgement from the Legislature and the Governor that East Ramapo needs state intervention to oversee its budget is an important part of rebuilding trust in our public institutions. While we will need to advocate for continued oversight and additional funds in the years to come (so these e-mail updates are far from over!), fixing the leaky pipe — even for one year, as a start — has been a critical priority in this journey to justice. Thank you to the lawmakers and advocates who made this milestone possible.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through our advocacy, it’s that democracy is slow and hard. I cannot reiterate enough that we are not satisfied and we are not done. But I hope you’ll enjoy your fireworks a little bit more this time around. 

– Andrew Mandel

(editor’s note: this article was written by Mr. Mandel right before the 4th of July; the lateness is my fault, not his. If you are looking for a great way to celebrate, see the party invite below!)

2) Petition: All Children Deserve an Education

In less than two months, tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic boys will be returning to their Yeshivas where they will continue to be denied a basic education in English, math, sciences, and social studies


the NYC and NYS Departments of Education act quickly and begin enforcing the laws already in place that require non-public schools to provide an education that is “substantially equivalent” to that of public schools.

Will you speak out on behalf of those helpless children — who are about to be harmed for life — and demand that the city and state take quick action?

You can help make a difference by signing this petition and it only takes two minutes!

Sign the Petition Now

3) Summer, Sand & Soul – A Day Party With a Purpose

Join us for a fun summer day party benefiting critical Children’s Programs at the Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center, serving children attending schools in the troubled school district of East Ramapo, NY. Our venue, Pier 701 Restaurant & Bar in Piermont, NY, has the largest waterfront deck in the region and its own private beach.

WHEN: Sunday, July 31, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
WHERE: Pier 701 Restaurant & Bar – 701 Piermont Avenue, Piermont, NY 10968

We are excited to feature legendary DJ Ruben (“the Bull”) Toro. Ruben was a fixture at the famous Club Shelter, and host of #1 rated Kiss Club Classics (Saturday night 98.7FM) and WBLS-FM. Expect a hot summer vibe, with classic soul, funk, house, old & new school favorites, and more.

Tickets will include a buffet-style meal with summer favorites. Feature drink specials will help make this soulful Sunday overlooking the water an event you won’t want to miss! Proceeds from this event will go directly to support the Center’s Children’s Programs.

Click Here to Purchase Your Tickets Today