Noche Latina

A wonderful evening was enjoyed by about 500 people at Ramapo High School on April 7th.  There was great music, comedy, folk dancing and food.  One district parent, representing the new group “Padres Unidos” (Parents United) gave a brilliant speech.  He said: “Now is the time when students, parents, teachers and administrators get together to address the problems of our school. We are no longer spectators for the education of our children. Tonight we become agents of change and participants in the education of our children.”… “All of us started with a dream, the well-being and progress of our children. But a language barrier and lack of knowledge of the social codes in US schools constrains us. But the desire to create a better future for our children has always been in us, so we left our countries to seek a better future for them.”…”The future of our district and of our own children is in our hands. The time to change the course of the education of our school has come. Students and parents are going to work together to ensure the success of our community. The time to end the silence and invisibility is now. We have a voice, we are the voice.” Video from the evening is available at