New Reports: East Ramapo Governance Failing; Call on NY Senate to Pass S3821 For Oversight Now!

Power of Ten Update

In this Issue:

1. NYSED Reports: East Ramapo Administration Fails!
2. Last Day to Make Calls and Send Emails
3. Report from Monday’s Rally and March

1) NYSED Reports: East Ramapo Administration Fails!

Three new reports from NYSED directly tie poor student performance to the failures of the East Ramapo board and administration to provide vision, leadership, and direction. The reports provide devastating detail of lapses in oversight, failure to supervise, failure to evaluate, and colossal arrogance. The summary of the reports is available here. Here is the Compliance Report on English Language Learners, and Here is the report on school district effectiveness.

Capital’s Jessica Bakeman: Education department: East Ramapo failing English learners

“These reports add to already overwhelming evidence that for many years, the East Ramapo school board has not acted in the best interests of its public school students,” Board of Regents chancellor Merryl Tisch, who has advocated strongly for the legislation, said in a statement. “The hardship these students have endured is reprehensible. The Legislature has a moral imperative to act before they leave town for summer vacation. The students in East Ramapo public schools cannot afford to wait another year.”

The Journal News: State report gives E. Ramapo schools low marks

2) Last Day to Make Calls and Send Emails

The Senate session was extended again, with today, Wednesday June 24, being the new last day. That means there is still a chance that the bill for a monitor for East Ramapo could pass this year!

Do your part! Use this link to send email to the NY State Senate (with a copy to Governor Cuomo)

Then make a phone call (or seven if you can). Don’t forget to forward the message to your contacts around the state, their calls count too!

The top person to call remains Senator John Flanagan since he controls what gets voted on by the Senate. But who else could you call to try to help us as we race to the finish line? Check out the list below, in order of priority. (Forward this message and have your friends and family call, too!)

1. Senator John Flanagan (518-455-2071). Given that the East Ramapo oversight bill passed the Assembly, it is more than reasonable to ask him to “bring Senate Bill 3821 to a vote of the full Senate.”

2. Governor Cuomo (518-474-8390, press 3). The Governor has stated his support for East Ramapo oversight more than once, and we are thankful for that. But we need him to “use his considerable influence to convince the Senate to vote on S. 3821.”

3. Senator David Carlucci (518-455-2991). We need Senator Carlucci to champion his original bill. Be clear that you want him to “focus his energy, and his networks in the Senate, to bring Senate Bill 3821 to a vote.”

4. Senator Bill Larkin (518-455-2770). A senator from North Rockland and Orange County, this 87-year-old statesman already supports Senate Bill 3821 and could use his 25 years of seniority to “urge Senator Flanagan to let the S. 3821 to be brought to the full Senate for a vote.”

5. Senator John Bonacic (518-455-3181). A state senator from Orange, Ulster and Sullivan Counties, this 15-year veteran of the Senate has indicated his support for S. 3821. Ask him to “encourage Senator Flanagan to bring the East Ramapo oversight bill that passed the Assembly to the Senate floor for a vote.”

6. Senator Jeff Klein (518-455-3595). The leader of Senator Carlucci’s Independent Democratic Conference, Senator Klein from Riverdale may have chips he can cash in for his allegiance to the Republican majority. Urge him to use some for the children of the district.

7. Senator Carl Marcellino (518-455-2390). The chair of the Education Committee, Senator Marcellino is very familiar with the issues in East Ramapo. As a fellow Long Islander (Syosset), he and Senator Flanagan are tight. Urge him to “do the right thing and ask Senator Flanagan to bring S. 3821 to a vote.”

3) Report from Monday’s Rally and March

What can I say about Monday night? Police estimated 700 people rallied in Memorial Park and marched to the Central Administration Building. They came together to speak with one voice: Pass S3821! Speakers included Assembly Member Ken Zebrowski and Ellen Jaffee, NY State Regent Judith Johnson, Spring Valley NAACP President Willie Trotman, Parents Activist Luis Nivelo and more. 

News 12: Parents demand state monitor oversee E. Ramapo schools

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