Lawyer for East Ramapo Explodes with Obscenity and Hostility; Rally for Respect Monday

Power of Ten Update

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  1. Lawyer for East Ramapo Explodes with Obscenity and Hostility!!!
  2. Rally for Respect Monday

1) Lawyer for East Ramapo Explodes with Obscenity and Hostility!!!

At the July 2 East Ramapo School Board meeting lawyer Chris Kirby interrupted a parent during the public speaking portion at the end of the meeting:

He then threatened to fight another parent (caution: this portion contains unedited profanity):

This is now the sixth time that a lawyer from the firm of Minerva and D’Agostino has cursed at or threatened a parent or student.

News Coverage:

ABC News: Obscenities fly after school board meeting

The Journal News: East Ramapo must fire outside counsel – now

NY Daily News: East Ramapo district school board lawyer Christopher Kirby launches into profanity-laced tirade at parents

UK Daily Mail: Shocking video shows school’s attorney screaming obscenities in parking lot at mother who thought he had laughed at her special needs son at board meeting

2) Rally for Respect:

The whole of Rockland and beyond is reacting with shock at the continued abusive behavior of the East Ramapo School Board and their attorney. The Save Our Schools Coalition is calling for a non-violent protest immediately preceding the next school board meeting on Monday, July 8. Let’s make this a truly massive and meaningful rally! The theme is ‘RESPECT’.  Those with a creative impulse are invited to make signs that convey that message. The word ‘RESPECT’ should be featured. You can also join the event on Facebook at:


Rally for RESPECT

Monday, July 8 at 6:45 PM

105 S. Madison Ave, Spring Valley, NY

Please make every effort to attend, and bring as many people as you can!!!!