Last Chance!

Power of Ten Update
Special Edition: Last Chance to Comment!

The comment period for the educational equivalency regulations ends Sept 2.

It literally takes only seconds to submit a comment at

Don’t miss this chance to make your voice heard!

Assembly Members Jaffee and Zebrowski, Senator Carlucci , and County Executive Ed Day ALL support the regulations!

Rockland County Times: Complete Press Conference

Also: Respected Educator Alan Singer has added his voice to the call for better regulations: NYS Religious Schools Must Be Made to Obey the Law

Even More: Respected Author and former teacher at Yeshiva Avir Yakov, Shulem Deen has written an amazing open letter on this topic: OPEN LETTER TO NYS BOARD OF REGENTS REGARDING HASIDIC EDUCATION

Please don’t let Sept 3 come along without doing your part to help EVERY child get the education that is their human right!

Submit your comment today at