Last Chance to Sign the Save East Ramapo Petition

Power of Ten Update

Last Chance to Sign the Save East Ramapo Petition:


The East Ramapo Central School District was once considered among the best in NY State. Today, the graduation rate is just 74%, and for Hispanic Students just 54%!  School board members have diverted funds to promote religious schools and gutted the funding of the public schools. They have discriminated against and segregated students on the basis of race and religion. At the same time they have created a massive budget deficit which threatens BOCES payments and thereby neighboring school districts.

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A bill, S4183-2013: “Relates to intervention in chronically underperforming school districts” would give the NY State Education Department the power to intervene. This bill has the support of NYSED, the chairs of both the Senate and Assembly education committees, and all of the state level elected officials representing East Ramapo.

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Tell Governor Cuomo and the leaders of the NY State Senate and Assembly that they must pass this bill to INTERVENE for the children of East Ramapo!!!

This petition is open to all people, regardless of your age, residency status, or where you live. Please add your name to those calling for state intervention for East Ramapo by signing TODAY!