Final Edition: A Last Message and a New Beginning

Power of Ten Update
Final Edition: A Last Message and a New Beginning
1. The Last Message
2. How to Stay Involved
3. Important Even this Saturday

1) The Last Message

Thank you to all of the Power of Ten Readers. This will be the final edition of The Power of Ten Newsletter. The website  with a full archive of previous editions will still be available for a few weeks.

2) How to Stay Involved

The NYCLU has taken on the work of advocating for the children of East Ramapo in a BIG way. You can stay involved by going to: to send a message to state decision makers and sign up to receive further messages from the NYCLU.

3) Important Event this Saturday

The NYCLU invites you a special event this Saturday, Feb 24:

We are coming together as a community to celebrate the children who attend the East Ramapo Public Schools AND to launch our 2024 strategy to IMPROVE the schools.

We will also welcome Chancellor Lester Young and Regent Fran Wills, who oversee all education policy in New York State. They want to hear directly from ERCSD parents about their children’s experience.

WHEN: Saturday, February 24th
TIME: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
WHERE: Salvation Army Community Center
179 North Main Street, Spring Valley, NY

Everyone is invited to share food, meet friends, make
new friends, help plan for better schools.