Election Reports; Teacher up for a Grammy

Power of Ten Update

In this Issue:

  1. Election Reports
  2. Message From Our candidates
  3. Save East Ramapo Bill Now More Important Than Ever
  4. East Ramapo Featured on NPR Again
  5. Former E Ramapo Music Teacher Up for a Grammy

1) Election Reports:

East Ramapo school budget defeated, Orthodox-backed candidates win

East Ramapo school officials approve more cuts in wake of failed budget

UPDATE: Ramapo Revisited, School Board Election and the Future of a Community

Hatton Not Happy With E. Ramapo Vote

2) Message from Our Candidates:

The candidates Margaret Tuck, Eustache Clerveaux and Robert Forrest would like to thank each and every Grand Mother, Grand Father, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Aunt and Uncle who came out to support us given the challenges before us. Although we lost, we must keep moving forward. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “If WE can’t fly, we must run. If WE can’t run, we must walk. If WE can’t walk, we must crawl but whatever we do WE MUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD!


3) Save East Ramapo Bill Now More Important Than Ever

This bill gives the NYS Commissioner of Education more power to intervene in East Ramapo

The petition is open to all people, regardless of your age, residency status, or where you live, so please invite all your friends far and near


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4) East Ramapo featured on NPR Again!

Journal News Reporter Mareesa Nicosia was the featured guest on the Brian Lehrer show today. http://www.wnyc.org/shows/bl/2013/may/23/ramapo-school-board-vote/

5) Former E Ramapo Music Teacher Up for a Grammy

Former music teacher and director of the World Famous East Ramapo Marching Band Michael E. Smith has made the quarterfinals for the first ever Grammy award for a music educator! He was chosen as one of 217 finalists out of over 30,000 nominations. After being let go by East Ramapo, Mr. Smith took the Nyack Marching Band to their first ever state competition … and WON!  Wherever Mr. Smith is teaching, he will forever belong to East Ramapo, his alma mater.  We are all sending POSITIVE POWER OF TEN ENERGY for his continued success!!!