Education, Not Discrimination

The Power of Ten

In This Issue:

  1. Community Rallies Against Discrimination
  2. NAACP Hosts Candidates Forum Tonight
  3. Follow Up Rally Coming on September 16
  4. Petition still open
  5. Message from the editor

1) Community Rallies Against Discrimination

The Journal News: Immigrants decry East Ramapo chief’s dropout comments

Journal News Images: East Ramapo school superintendent’s remark spark immigrants to protest

Photographer’s Pictures: Rally Protesting Discrimination in East Ramapo School District

News 12: Protesters claim discrimination in East Ramapo schools

The Rally was also covered by Channel 47 Telemundo

2) NAACP Hosts Candidates Forum Tonight

The Spring Valley NAACP and The Jamaican Civic and Cultural Association of Rockland (JAMCCAR) are collaborating in hosting a Primary Candidates Forum. The Forum will introduce to the community at large, all candidates seeking elected positions for the upcoming September 9, 2014 Primary Elections. All candidates (Board of Elections-listing) have been invited.

The Forum will be held on Thursday September 4, 2014 at the Louis Kurtz Center, Main/Madison Avenue, Spring Valley, NY. It will begin at 6:30 pm.

3) Follow Up Rally Coming on September 16

Participants at the Sept 2 Rally indicated that they intend to return at the next school board meeting to again emphasize their displeasure with Superintendent Klein’s comments and to advocate for equal treatment and quality education for all students. Please help spread the word.

Tuesday Sept 16 at 7:00 PM
East Ramapo District Office Building
105 South Madison ave, Spring Valley

Facebook Event Page:

4) Petition still open

There is a petition to the school board asking them not to discriminate but rather to restore the program cuts that affect services for immigrants. Please sign at

5) Message from the editor

So many people turned out for the Rally on Tuesday that they could not fit in the meeting room!!! Many had to stand outside in the hallway.  They brought signs and stories and children.  They came because they know what the Superintendent had said was wrong.  They know that the young people who go to register for school, of whatever age, want to have ALL of the opportunities that a public education system has to offer.  A chance to play in the band, to be on the team, to learn history, and science, to do experiments in the lab or design graphics in the art department.  The East Ramapo School Board does not want to recognize that immigrants are dreamers.  They have cut programs that Latino children depend on to fulfill their dreams, while at the same time spending wildly on lawyers to defend themselves and their discriminatory policies from the NY State Education Department, the NY Attorney General, the parents and the taxpayers.  Dr. Klein’s comments address immigrant youth who come to his district as laborers, not dreamers. His summary dismissal of the dreams of students who are “from Central and South America”, “illegal”, and “15 or over” as if somehow they show up to register for school but don’t really want the same education as everyone else is the definition of racism.  There are many young people who sadly don’t register for school. Those who do register are by definition the ones who want an education.  Instead of trying to limit these young people who are inspired to keep trying, the district should be reaching out to the community to promote the benefits of education to those who are not coming to apply.