East Ramapo board loses in court again; segregation undermines education;

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:
  1. School Board Loses Another Lawsuit
  2. East Ramapo decline tied to increasing segregation
  3. Reminder: MLK Day event Monday
  4. Green Meadow Waldorf School offers free tutoring
  5. Message from the editor

1) School Board Loses Another Lawsuit

The Journal News: Court: East Ramapo broke law on special-ed placement practice

2) East Ramapo decline tied to increasing segregation

The Journal News Community View: East Ramapo board a symptom of community’s segregation

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3) MLK Day Event Monday:

Martin Luther King Day Event Now includes VH1 celebrity guest Puma Robinson

4) Green Meadow School Offers Free Tutoring

The Journal News: A new tutoring program offered by Green Meadow Waldorf School could give students in East Ramapo and other districts a leg up on their grades in 2014.

5) Message from the editor

The East Ramapo School District used to have a local, reasonably priced lawyer who served the interests of the district well.  This lawyer was summarily fired for no reason and replaced with a much more expensive lawyer.  The new lawyer advised the district regarding the practice of special education placements deemed illegal by NY State.  This lawyer advised the district regarding breaking the contract of the Superintendent and then lost an expensive lawsuit in which that superintendent recouped the salary owed him.  This lawyer advised the district regarding the process of selling and leasing schools which led to investigation by the NY State Attorney General’s office, the arrest of the appraiser involved, and the annulment of a sale and a lease. Good legal advice would have kept the district out of all this trouble.  Now the district has lost another lawsuit, in which it was ridiculously suing the NY State Education Department for doing its job.

The money to pay all these legal fees is coming out of your tax dollars which are supposed to be for the purpose of educating children.  The school board, which is supposed to be a steward of those funds, has been acting as if they are purposely trying to wreck the district.  Can there be any solution to this problem?  Actually, the NY State Education Department has proposed the solution as a new law.  The bill has been sitting in committee since 2011.

Dr. McWilliams points out: “Many local politicians have yielded to the organized political voting bloc as a means to maintain their political seats…” He continues: “The East Ramapo public school community can no longer afford to wait on the politicians to correct the imbalance…” 

On Nov 5, 2013 Preserve Rockland candidates Ed Day and Emilia White won landslide victories, Public education advocates have shown that they will not only organize, mobilize, demonstrate, protest, and petition; they are now voting in a block. We demand that the governance of East Ramapo be changed, and new stewards be put in place who will once again make the education of EVERY child the ONLY mission of the school district, This is the recommendation of the NY State Education Department, This plan was endorsed by the Journal News. It has been sponsored by our state representatives.

It is now five years since the school board hired their scandal plagued law firm and 7 months since they said they would part ways with them. It is clear that public outrage, even international attention means nothing to this board.  Only an action by NY State to remove them will change the course of our district and our county. – Steven White, editor of The Power of Ten