Dr. Klein blames Hispanic Immigrants for low graduation rate

Power of Ten Update

Special Issue: Protest Discrimination in East Ramapo

1. Rally Sept 2 to Protest Discrimination in East Ramapo
2. Sign the Petition: East Ramapo, Don’t Discriminate
3. Join the Event on Facebook

1. Rally Sept 2 to Protest Discrimination in East Ramapo

Tuesday, September 2, at 7:00 PM
East Ramapo District Office Building
105 S. Madison Ave, Spring Valley

At the August 19 school board meeting, Dr. Klein proposed an “alternate transitional program” for Hispanic students. He made it clear that the students would not be registered in high school, but rather be provided with free food and English lessons. His comments were deeply offensive. This program would discriminate against students based on their ethnicity. We are calling on all parents, students, neighbors, and everyone who is shocked by this racist policy to come to the next school board meeting.

New York State law says a person under twenty-one years of age is entitled to a public education. East Ramapo Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Joel Klein, who is responsible to deliver what the law requires, seems to feel that this law should apply to some people but not others. He wants to discriminate against: Hispanics, Teenage Parents, Immigrants, and Low-income people in general. Please do not fail to attend this important meeting for the future of our youth. When one group is targeted, we are all victims!!!

2. Sign the Petition: East Ramapo, Don’t Discriminate

Please also sign the petition at: http://poweroften.us/east-ramapo-dont-discriminate

“…We call on you to cancel plans to segregate these students and instead focus on providing them the best education possible. We reject a second class status for some students. We call on you to restore the programs that have been cut in recent years, including those specifically designed to help English language learners and students, such as SIFE (students with interrupted formal education) and the intensive summer English program.”

3. Join the Event on Facebook

These days one of the best ways to spread the word is by inviting Facebook friends to come to an event. Please join online and invite all your friends too!