D’Agostino to go; Yeshiva loses Hillcrest lease

Power of Ten Update

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  1. D’Agostino to go, but not soon enough!!!!
  2. Commissioner King Annuls Lease to Yeshiva Avir Yakov

1) D’Agostino to go, but not soon enough!!!

At the July 8 East Ramapo School Board meeting, called specially to deal with lawyer Chris Kirby’s notorious outbursts, the school board adjourned with a statement read by the board president, but took no action!!!

A rally was held prior to the meeting and during the executive session.

YouTube Videos of the Rally

The school board could have immediately terminated the contract with the law firm, as was done for previous counsel, but they did not.

They could have apologized to those who have been the victims of obscenities and bullying, but they did not.

Instead, they announced that D’Agostino had told them that he “may not have sufficient resources to service all of the legal needs of our district”.

The board president said that the “process” to “transition to other legal representation” would “begin immediately”.

The school board president never acknowledged that the actions of lawyers Kirby and D’Agostino were in violation of district policy.  NO ACTION was taken to enforce these policies.  It remains unclear what the board means when they say “immediately”.

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2) Commissioner King Annuls Lease to Yeshiva Avir Yakov:

New York State Education Commissioner King has upheld a petition filed by Robert Forrest in September of 2011 against the East Ramapo school district. Commissioner King annulled the lease of Hillcrest Elementary School to Congregation Yeshiva Avir Yakov of New Square.

It has been estimated that the lease was losing a half million dollars per year compared to what a competitive lease could have brought for East Ramapo students and taxpayers.

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