D’Agostino Still Here?; Peace Award Details

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  1. D’Agostino is still here?
  2. Peace Award Details
  3. Message from The East Ramapo Underground

1) D’Agostino is still here?

Many people might think that after the school board said that they would “transition” from the law firm of D’Agostino that meant he was no longer working for the district. They would be wrong.  A letter was written to the JN (by Power of Ten editor Steven White): E. Ramapo board, in another failure, still employing tainted law firm

The County Exec elect wrote a letter to Commissioner King about the subject.  Article in Pearl River Patch: Rockland Exec Elect Asks State to Step in on East Ramapo Schools’ Lawyers

2) Peace Award Details

The Fellowship of Reconciliation will present the 2013 Nyack Area Peace Award to East Ramapo activists Steven and Emilia White on Sunday, Dec 22 during the Winter Solstice Celebration.

The Event will be at the FOR headquarters at 521 N. Broadway in Nyack from 1:00 – 7:00 PM and will include music and food (potluck).  There is a suggested donation.

The Award Ceremony will be at 2:30 PM

All the information is available at http://forusa.org/events/2013/12/22/winter-solstice-house-concert

The information about the award and this year’s recipients: http://forusa.org/events/2013/12/22/winter-solstice-house-concert

3) Message from The East Ramapo Underground

The East Ramapo school board meeting (Dec 16th) had two executive sessions that lasted a total of three hours. Here are the videos that show what happened during the other 25 minutes of the meeting. East Ramapo started Extended Learning Time for schools on December 16, 2013. Title I, II and III funds are used for this. Some of the time is before and after school. Do the parents know about this program? http://youtu.be/N-eseFGyCXQ 

East Ramapo states that the amount of students that are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch now stands at 76%. One school is at 89%. Are these numbers accurate? Who checks these numbers? http://youtu.be/ttzP1Zyy5ZA

East Ramapo which has been sited three times in the past for making improper settlements continues the practice. Listen as four more settlements are made. Special Ed costs have risen by over 45% in the last three years.  http://youtu.be/bmGmkDVbF94

Watch all the East Ramapo Videos on www.youtube.com/LuckyLouProduction

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