Court Date Delayed; Petition for Intervention; Budget News

Power of Ten Update

In this Issue:

  1. Civil Rights Court Appearance DELAYED
  2. New Petition Online: The “Save East Ramapo” Bill
  3. School Board Meeting Next Tuesday
  4. Message from the editor

1) Federal Civil Rights Court Date DELAYED:


New Date: April 29 at 3:00 PM

Federal Courthouse Room 421 – Judge George Yanthis

300 Quarropas Street White Plains, NY

Learn more about the civil rights lawsuit

2) New Petition Online: The “Save East Ramapo” Bill

Please sign the petition for the “Save East Ramapo” bill. This bill gives the NYS Commissioner of Education more power to intervene in East Ramapo.

This bill has the support of NYSED, the chairs of both the Senate and Assembly education committees, and all of the state level elected officials representing East Ramapo.

Tell Governor Cuomo and the leaders of the NY State Senate and Assembly that they must pass this bill to INTERVENE for the children of East Ramapo!!!

This petition is open to all people, regardless of your age, residency status, or where you live, so please invite all your friends far and near.

Join the Petition Event on Facebook:

3) School Board Meeting Tuesday

April 23 at 7:30 PM

105 S. Madison Ave, Spring Valley

The budget will be presented.  Details of the budget were first released tonight as reported in Newsday:

On the chopping block:

• Seven elementary art teachers

• Seven elementary music teachers

• Seven elementary librarians

• 15 special education teachers

• 16 middle school and high school teachers

• All middle school sports and some high school sports, including varsity golf, cheerleading, junior varsity tennis and junior varsity volleyball

• Seventh-grade foreign language

4) Message from the editor:

Are you aware that the infamous attorney for East Ramapo, Albert D’Agostino, verbally abused a student, in front of multiple witnesses, at a school board meeting? NO EMPLOYEE of ERCSD should be allowed to VERBALLY ABUSE a student and get away with it! We have ZERO tolerance for students who are BULLIES and we will have ZERO TOLERANCE for ADULTS WHO BULLY STUDENTS! It is unacceptable and unprofessional and students are demanding that the ERCSD Lawyer be FIRED.

Justice is coming to East Ramapo … and WE can make it happen!