Commissioner King talks East Ramapo on Public Radio

Power of Ten Update

In this Issue:

  1. Message From a Reader
  2. Three Days Left to Sign to Save East Ramapo
  3. Budget Revote Tuesday
  4. Commissioner King discusses East Ramapo on WNYC
  5. New Video Featured on Power of Ten

1) Hillcrest Resident Encourages Contacting Governor Cuomo

I urge everyone who received Steve’s message about contacting the governor’s office about the situation in the East Ramapo Schools to call or e-mail Governor Cuomo immediately.  I called today, and the phone was answered without any waiting, the representative listened to everything I said without interrupting, and I could hear typing sounds.  I was told that the message would be passed on.  It was very easy, and it only took about five minutes out of my day.  If all 4,000+ who signed the petition make a personal contact, there will be no doubt in Albany that we care about our children who have been left behind, and we expect the state to take decisive, fair action.  Thank you.

Nancy Mirsky

Member:  Neighbors of Hillcrest

The Governor’s number is (518) 474-8390

You can also Tweet him: @NYGovCuomo #SaveEastRamapo

His email is

Talking Points:

  • East Ramapo Central School District was once considered among the best in NY State. Today, the graduation rate is just 74%, and for Hispanic Students just 54%!  Tell him he cannot let the destruction of East Ramapo continue!
  • The East Ramapo School Board has gutted public education! They have dramatically increased class sizes, decreased or eliminated arts, music, advanced placement and sports programs.
  • East Ramapo is not just another district with budget problems.  Our board has illegally diverted funds to segregated private religious schools, depriving public school students of their right to a quality education.  NY State MUST intervene!

2) Our Petition Is Now Over 5,700!!!

Have you signed yet? The petition is open to all people, regardless of your age, residency status, or where you live, so please invite all your friends far and near!

Join the Petition Event on Facebook:

3) Budget Revote

The revote will be held Tuesday, June 18. For info on registration, polling places, etc., go to The administration is saying that if this budget is voted down, there will be no sports at all next year, among other extremely serious cuts. They are also saying that the ‘yes’ budget contains uncertainty and that they will reduce the spending amount if they don’t get certain revenue sources.  Uncertainty about the actual result of the ‘yes’ vote, along with a feeling of being abused and manipulated, and a looming collision with state regulators has many of those who have always supported school budgets thinking they may stay home or even vote ‘no’. However, the threat of losing essential programs such as AP classes and sports may bring out many new ‘yes’ voters.

4) East Ramapo on WNYC Again!

On The Brian Lehrer Show, John King, New York State education commissioner and president of the University of the State of New York, talks about the state’s response to the East Ramapo school funding dispute.

Listen to the show

5) New Video

A new documentary video by local videographer Lisa Karrer is featured on the homepage: