Bill for Monitor with Veto Power Gathers Momentum

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:
1. Join Us in Albany
2. Wieder Resigns
3. Superintendent Search Begins
4. Safety Still a Problem in East Ramapo Yeshivas
5. Please Donate to Advocates for Justice

1) Join Us in Albany

Earlier this year we rallied and lobbied in Albany for a bill which would have provided a monitor with veto power for East Ramapo. Our efforts were successful in getting the bill passed by the Assembly, but it was blocked from even being considered by the leader of the Senate.

Albany has a two year cycle for bills, which means the bill could still become law in 2016. We will again do everything in our power to make this happen. Not because it is the answer to all of the problems, but because it is the best first step we have at our disposal at this point in time.

The bill has new support, including the monitors who have been studying the district, The Rockland County Democratic Committee,  a new editorial by the Journal News, and several Jewish organizations. We are being told that it is possible that the bill will pass, and that the one thing most needed for it to pass is public pressure. From you!

There will be buses, but you must register in advance. You can register for the bus or get information on carpooling or going on your own at:

2) Wieder Resigns

In the last Power of Ten Update, I asked you to contact Rockland County Legislators and urge them not to vote to re-approve Aron Wieder as Majority Leader. Apparently, your voice was heard, and he has withdrawn from the position. Thank you to everyone who participated!

3) Superintendent Search Begins

Many parents and students have expressed their appreciation for the breath of fresh air that Dr. Wortham has brought to our district. Some are already calling for her to remain. The school board has begun the process of deciding who will be the superintendent next year and going forward. They have posted a letter about the selection process, which includes some opportunities for input from the public. 

4) Safety Still a Problem in East Ramapo Yeshivas

A new investigative report by News 12 reporter Tara Rosenblum has revealed that fire safety is still a problem in many East Ramapo yeshivas. You may remember back on October 15 Power of Ten reported that a Spring Valley Fire Captain said many schools were unsafe. Tara Rosenblum deserves credit for doing investigative reporting that may save lives, rather than waiting for the disaster to make the news.

5) Please Donate to Advocates for Justice 

Our lawsuit seeks to return misused public funds to the district, remove the school board members, and ensure proper school board decisions and fiscal management for East Ramapo.

Advocates for Justice lawyers represent us for free, but there are court, deposition and discovery expenses. Please donate so we can continue this fight. Donations are tax deductible.

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