All or None

Power of Ten Update
In This Issue:
1. Academic and Fiscal Improvement Plan
2. 2022 School Board Candidate Search
3. All or None

1) Academic and Fiscal Improvement Plan

The Monitors are required to solicit public comment and to consider your public comment in developing a plan. Read the plan here:

Submitting public comment is simple, but we don’t have a lot of time. The deadline is October 19th. See here for full details:

2) 2022 School Board Candidate Search

The next school board election is May 17, 2022. As always, we will gather to unite our community in this effort. The first step is for those interested in serving on the school board to fill out the questionnaire, available here:

Please help us find people who would be good school board members. There are many qualified people in our community, but they may be unaware of the opportunity until someone brings it up. Why not you?

We have reserved space for a public forum at the Hillcrest Firehouse, 374 N Main St, Spring Valley. on Saturday November 13 from 11:00 AM -1:00 PM. Please save the date and come ready to discuss the issues our school district is facing.

3) All or None

The Power of Ten is organized to advocate for the rights of the children who attend the public schools in East Ramapo. In the course of advocating for these rights, it has become apparent that they ensue from the right of all children to an education, and that unless this right is guaranteed to all, it is guaranteed to none.

Read this powerful Op-Ed in USA Today about what’s being done to address the plight of victims of educational neglect in East Ramapo: