AFI Plan


URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Submit Your Public Comment Today 

Due to the hard work of the Spring Valley NAACP and hundreds of parents, students, and community members, we won important legislation earlier this year forcing the State of New York to hold East Ramapo Central School District accountable. The NYS Commissioner of Education appointed two Monitors who have the power to overrule the school board on key decisions. 

How well the new law works depends on a document called the Academic and Fiscal Improvement Plan–or the AFI Plan. Read the plan here:

The Monitors are required to solicit public comment and to consider your public comment in developing this plan. Submitting public comment is simple, but we don’t have a lot of time. The deadline is October 19th.

Send an email to both of the following email addresses: and send a copy to so we can track the emails

In the subject line write: Public Comment on AFI Plan 

Guidelines for Public Comment

  1. Identify yourself. Share your name and who you are (a parent, a student, a concerned community resident, a member of XYZ organization, a parent of an English language learner, etc.)
  2. State that you are submitting public comment on the AFI Plan
  1. Share your priorities for what you want to see changed in the East Ramapo schools:
    • We are asking everyone to say that you want:
      • More counselors and social workers to support students, 
      • Extracurricular programs, and 
      • Programs to support English language learners
    • But it is also important to include the priorities you would identify. 
      • This might include smaller class sizes, culturally responsive education, more diverse teachers.
      • Or you may have identified your own priorities. Let them know you want those changes in the schools. 
  1. Finally, let them know that you are unhappy that the district did not provide you with notification about the public comment and the public hearing