Abbreviated History of Actions to Save Our Schools

May 2008 –  Stakeholders candidate gets 2400 votes

Jan 2009 –  Hundreds Rally to Save Hempstead Elementary

March 2009 – Stakeholders write NYSED Commissioner Mills, advising of de-facto segregation and warning of impact of non-public school interests controlling the public school board.

March 2009 – Petition with over 1000 signatures made to board opposing the closing or sale of any school

April 2009 – First Appeal to Commissioner: Peggy Hatton Appeals Closing of Colton

May 2009 – Stakeholders Candidates file Lawsuit regarding election irregularities

May 2009 – Stakeholders candidates double 2008 turnout, receive 4500 votes

July 2009 – First NY Times Article “Rancor where private school parents make public school decisions”

April 2010 – NYSED Special Education Quality Assurance Compliance Office finds inappropriate placements of students in private schools and orders ERCSD to correct its practices

April 2010 – Over 1000 rally against closing Hillcrest Elementary

April 2010 – Mendel Hoffman writes board need to put yeshivas first, threatens to bring public schools “to their knees”.

May2010 – Stakeholders candidates double 2009 turnout, receive 8600 votes

August 2010 – Appeal of Sale of Hillcrest to Yeshiva Avir Yakov

August 2010 – NYSED spec education report directs ERCSD to stop making inappropriate placements

October 2010 – ERCSD public school enrollment is up dramatically, over 1000 more students than the district had predicted when it proposed closing schools

November 2010 – Complaint filed with NY Attorney General re: appraisal fraud in sale of Hillcrest

January 2011 – ERCSD attempts to ‘absorb’ RISE yeshiva

January 2011 – NAACP files complaint with USDOE OCR alleging civil rights violations. OCR begins investigation

February 2011 – NAACP writes to oppose RISE ‘absorption’

February 2011 – NAACP requests NYCLU support oppose RISE take over. School board backs off

August 2011 – NY Comptroller finds ERCSD failed to fulfill its stewardship, oversight and leadership responsibilities

February 2012 – NYSED Special Education Quality Assurance Compliance Office finds inappropriate placements of students in private schools continues and requires ERCSD to publicly post the finding of non-compliance and resulting loss of state funding

July 2012 – NY Attorney General states ERCSD is hampering its investigation into sale of Hillcrest School

July 2012 – Advocates for Justice appeal to Commissioner to remove board members and appoint a state monitor

August 2012 – Advocates for Justice files class action civil rights lawsuit seeking monetary damages, punitive damages, removal of ERCSD board members and appointment of State monitor

October 2012 – Carmand and White appeal to Commissioner to stop ERCSD from using district funds for legal fees of defendants in class action suit and appeals for their removal

January 2013 – Petition with 4,494 signers submitted to Gov Cuomo and Commissioner King to appoint oversight monitor for East Ramapo

January 2013 – Two non-orthodox board members resign citing lack of transparency and inappropriate board practices

March 2013 – Parent files ethics complaint against E. Ramapo attorney who abused her son at a board meeting

March 2013 – District sues NYSED over special education placement criticism

March 2013 – AP article about East Ramapo crisis appears in papers around the US

April 2013 – New York Magazine feature article on the destruction of the East Ramapo School System

May 2013 – Thousands turn out for school budget vote, turnout is double other Rockland districts and 75% in favor of budget, but budget is defeated by bloc vote 100% against budget.

May 2013 – Federal Judge dismisses ERCSD request to dismiss class action lawsuit, lawsuit goes forward

May 2013 – Olivia Castor and Peggy Hatton Explain the Crisis in East Ramapo Schools on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show

May 2013 – One thousand high school students walk out of school, march 3 miles to demand a quality education

June 2013 – Petition with 6,152 signatures sent to Gov. Cuomo asking him to pass NYSED intervention bill to “Save East Ramapo”

July 2013 – Abuse of public at ERCSD board meetings gets international attention as lawyer curses at parent in viral video

July 2013 – Hundreds rally to protest abuse of public by district lawyers, board president says law firm must go (note: as of this printing, 4 months later, firm is still there)

July 2013 – Commissioner King upheld a petition by an East Ramapo public school parent to nullify the current lease of the Hillcrest Elementary School building to a New Square yeshiva

July 2013 – Appraiser in Hillcrest Elementary sale scandal arrested for grand larceny and filing a false instrument

September 2013 – Federal Judge dismisses second ERSD request to dismiss class action lawsuit, lawsuit goes forward

October 2013 – Federal Judge dismissed East Ramapo lawsuit against NYSED, upholding NYSED findings of inappropriate special education placements

October 2013 – East Ramapo parent appeals to state over lack of music, art instruction