A New Beginning

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:

1. Budget Revote
2. The 2018 School Board Campaign
3. Spring Valley Election Campaign

1) Budget Revote

The protection racket that Dr. Wortham, Commissioner Elia, and Monitors Szuberla and Sipple tried to pass off as an education budget failed miserably at the polls. What were they thinking?

They are now preparing a new budget that will be presented to the voters on June 20. They will put the budget to the school board to approve at the June 6 board meeting.

The original budget this year seemed to be on the right track, but then was rescinded when it was learned illegal courtesy busing was snuck in (Discovered by community activist Antonio Luciano, can someone remind me why we have monitors again?)

We need a budget that provides the resources for a quality education. Is that too much to ask?

Sign this petition to Dr. Wortham and Commissioner Elia asking them to focus our resources on expanding educational programming, NOT on more expensive courtesy busing.

2) The 2018 School Board Campaign

Thanks to Strong East Ramapo, we had a robust campaign in 2017. Much thanks to our three wonderful candidates, Alexandra Manigo, Eric Goodwin, and Chevon DosReis. Even though they did not win their seats, they increased community awareness and activism through their campaign. It is our increasingly educated and vocal community which is the driving force behind the gains in educational programming we have seen over the last year.

Strong East Ramapo is already starting to plan for next year. Please sign up to join their effort at http://www.strongeastramapo.org/

Power of Ten offers its condolences to the family and friends of Ruth Flowers, the 101 year old woman who was featured in the advertisements this year encouraging people to vote in school board elections. She was a role model of active citizenship, and her passing is a loss to our whole community.

3) Spring Valley Election Campaign

September 12, 2017 will be the primary election for the mayor and two trustees in the village of Spring Valley.

Deputy Mayor Emilia White is running for mayor, and Chevon DosReis and Eustache Clerveaux are running for the two trustee positions.

All three members of this team have been our candidates for East Ramapo school board in the past. They have shown through their actions that they are trustworthy, respectful, and competent.

Because many Power of Ten readers are not Spring Valley residents, I will only be posting a limited amount of information on this page. If you want to continue to be informed about the Spring Valley campaign, please visit their webpage http://springvalley2017.com and sign up for further updates and/or to help with the campaign.