A Great Coach Sets No Ceilings

Power of Ten Update

In This Issue:

1. Thursday Community Forums Continue
2. The 2016 School Board Campaign has Begun
3. Support for Monitor with Veto Power Continues
4. A Great Coach Sets No Ceilings

1) Thursday Community Forums Continue

Join us once again as we continue our community conversation about East Ramapo issues. Learn how you can be involved. Meet the Candidates for School Board. See you there!

March 10 at 7:00 PM
Martin Luther King Multi-purpose Center
110 Bethune Blvd, Spring Valley, NY

2) The 2016 School Board Campaign has Begun

2016 is a year when women are asserting their equal right to be decision makers. Four school board members will be selected this year, and four women have stepped up to offer their service to the community as school board members!

Learn about the candidates and the campaign here: East Ramapo Coming Together 

Share the journey with them on the campaign Facebook page: 2016 Candidates for East Ramapo School Board.


3) Support for Monitor with Veto Power Continues

A very well reasoned editorial and a joint letter from the NAACP and local rabbi emphasize the need for Albany to act:

Editorial: East Ramapo needs long-term support

Letter: Monitor can restore confidence in East Ramapo

4) A Great Coach Sets No Ceilings

The following essay is by Flose Boursiquot, an East Ramapo Alum:

If you have walked the halls of Spring Valley High School in the last 10 years, you’ve heard of Coach Andrew Delva Senior.

A Haitian-born ambitious man with a strong heart, Coach Delva has been a pillar in Rockland County for a over a decade. The Spring Valley High School Football Program is at the center of his heart, and he has recently taken to coaching track and field with the same spirit. Whether on the field or on the track, students have a deep appreciation for him.

Read the Whole Essay Here: A Great Coach Sets No Ceilings