A Clear Choice on Nov 5th

Power of Ten Update

What does political power look like?  Can we achieve our goals without it?

Over the past several years, the parents of East Ramapo have achieved an impressive level of unity when voting in school board elections.  While our candidates did not always win their seats, politicians at every level of government have started to pay attention to our issues.

Are you aware how powerful you are?

The efforts of East Ramapo students, parents, and supporters have attracted regional, national, EVEN international attention!  Our issue has become so well known that every candidate is talking about it, and many are claiming to have plans to address the problem.

Preserve Rockland, “Row G”

This year we have an opportunity to increase our political power the same way we have done in the school board elections.  In municipal elections people tend to vote along party lines, so a separate ballot line has been created which gives public school advocates a place to unite.

The opposition

Our opponents in school elections have maintained their unity and achieved political power. They have brought as much dysfunction to our village, town and county governments as they have to East Ramapo.

Here is the list of candidates that our opponents have endorsed for November 5th

A Clear Choice!

The Preserve Rockland candidates have ALL clearly stated that it is a conflict of interest for a school board to be run by people who do NOT have the best interest of the public school children in mind. They have ALL committed to going to Albany together to demand that Governor Cuomo take action.

Officials who have been elected by the bloc vote have brought: felony charges in sale of schools, the cursing lawyer scandal, the corridor of  corruption scandal, an FBI raid, the illegal boarding house epidemic and an explosion of illegal and unsafe private schools.

By voting on the Preserve Rockland line, Row “G”, we are sending a message that the problems of East Ramapo MUST be dealt with NOW, for the sake of the children of East Ramapo and ALL the children in Rockland County. We realize there are other important issues and other worthy candidates, but there may never be another chance like this year for OUR VOICES to be heard!

Robert Forrest


Save Our Schools-East Ramapo