Power of Ten Update

In this Issue:

  1. East Ramapo Parents: 5 on School Board Must Go!
  2. Petition Deadline is Midnight Monday!
  3. What YOU can do to be part of the action!

1) “Advocates for Justice” file appeal to remove 5 board members

The New York-based public interest law firmAdvocates for Justice, on behalf of 14 East Ramapo parents and community members, said it is calling for the removal of five board members and the appointment of a an overseer to remedy rampant abuses of office within the ERCSD School Board, and prevent future abuses. The release of the52-page documentthat accuses the East Ramapo school board of:

  • A pattern of fraud in the sale of school property
  • Willful noncompliance with Special Education Rules causing loss of funds
  • Unlawfully using state money to purchase religious textbooks
  • Dangerously compromising the security of students
  • Failure to provide oversight and guidelines for purchases … a breach of fiduciary duty
This major development has been covered in The New York Times and The Journal News, and featured with Art McFarland on Channel 7 Eyewitness News
YOU can join in this action and be part of the solution! To sign on, contact Stephanie Torre at storre@advocatesny.com , or (212)285-1400
2) Petition deadline is rapidly approaching:

Governor Cuomo has until August 1 to veto the “special education placement bill”. Only Governor Cuomo can stop this bill from becoming law!!!

The petition started by Power of Ten will be sent on the morning of July 31. Please sign, and urge all your friends and neighbors to sign.

The deadline to sign is midnight of Monday, July 30.

3) What you can do to be part of the action:

You can see all the news and info at www.poweroften.us

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