Power of Ten Update

Calling all letter writers!

There were FOUR excellent letters published in the Journal News this week:

Questions about East Ramapo vote

Demand better in East Ramapo

Blame East Ramapo school board’s indifference, not teachers, for woes

Disenfranchised in East Ramapo

These have provoked a call to action from a well-known advocate for quality education:
Hi All,
Perhaps it is time that Albany listen to the folks here in East Ramapo. Drastic times calls for drastic measures. Below you will find 4 opinion pieces by community members who are displeased with the happenings here in East Ramapo.
Please take a few minutes to read these letters and pass them on to others who care about East Ramapo public education.
Please join me and send your own letters to Albany demanding better for our kids. – Peggy Hatton
The following is a list of links to help you get started on your letter writing campaign. The best advice for letter writing is to write about your own personal experience- what you know and what you feel. It is more important to say what it is you really want to say than to have perfect grammar. Remember, the elected representatives work FOR YOU, and a letter to the paper is a letter to your friends and neighbors.
NYSED fraud, waste, and abuse line: http://www.oms.nysed.gov/oas/fraud/
NY State board of Regents: RegentsOffice@mail.nysed.gov
Rockland Journal News: ncutler@lohud.com
Rockland County Times: editor@rocklandtimes.com

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