Power of Ten Update

In this Issue:

  1. Commissioner King replies to our petition
  2. Newsday Editorial on profanity-spewing lawyer
  3. You can file a complaint too!
  4. Civil Rights Case in Court Tuesday
  5. Fundraiser March 30th

1) Commissioner King writes an answer to our petition:

Hon. Dr. John B. King, Jr., NY State Commissioner of Education, has replied to our petition asking that the state intervene in the East Ramapo School District! The Commissioner writes “I share your concerns regarding the district’s financial conditions and its effects on educational programming” and that he is “prepared to take escalating action, as authorized by law.”

The Commissioner also stated he believes “part of the solution is to enact the Board of Regents’ legislative proposal (attached) to authorize the Department to intervene in chronically underperforming school districts.”

This legislation would give the commissioner much more authority to intervene in East Ramapo.

It was sponsored by all state legislators representing East Ramapo when first introduced last year, as well as the chairs of both Education Committees. Read the summary here.

To ALL those who signed and wrote heartfelt comments in the petition, THANK YOU!

The list of signers and comments is available here: http://poweroften.us/fact-sheet/highlights/petition-for-monitor/petition-signers/

Pictures of parents and students delivering the petition are available: http://poweroften.us/fact-sheet/highlights/petition-for-monitor/

News coverage of the commissioner’s answers available here: http://www.lohud.com/article/20130314/NEWS03/303140043/East-Ramapo-activist-Ed-commish-heard-us-

2) Newsday Editorial on profanity-spewing lawyer:

The attorney for the East Ramapo School District verbally attacked a student of the district using language which would be bleeped out on cable TV. The incident happened on school grounds on March 5, just after the school board walked out of the meeting to avoid a 15 minute “students corner” segment. This was not just the attorney using rough language, this was verbal abuse in the form of “You are a piece of (expletive deleted)!”

Several people witnessed the attack, including a reporter for New York Newsday.

Newsday: Profanity-spewing East Ramapo lawyer needs to learn a lesson

3) You can file a complaint too!

The mother of the student has filed a complaint against the lawyer

As a taxpayer in East Ramapo, You are Mr. D’Agostino’s client. You have the right to complain about his behavior.

Power of Ten has created a form letter that you can print, sign and send to submit your complaint.

Complaints about the attorney’s behavior can also be sent by email to: East Ramapo School Board BoardofEducation@ercsd.k12.ny.us and Superintendent Klein at JOKlein@ercsd.k12.ny.us

4) Federal Civil Rights Case First Court Date


Tuesday, March 19 at 9:30 AM

Federal Courthouse Room 421 – Judge George Yanthis

300 Quarropas Street White Plains, NY

5) March 30th Fundraiser for Advocates for Justice:

Join the “Save Our Schools Coalition” for a fundraising event celebrating our fantastic students, and helping Advocates for Justice fight for civil rights and equality for East Ramapo. It will be a fun afternoon of auctioneering, guest speakers, food/beverages and musical entertainment. March 30 from 2 – 5 PM. Suggested Donation is $50.00. Donations to Advocates for Justice are tax deductible.

Please RSVP: http://new.evite.com/l/BEY76Q5OQP

Justice is coming to East Ramapo … and WE can make it happen!


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